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Where can we help?: Services

As the Online Learning and Technology Consultants we offer many comprehensive services to help you transition your classes to a digital learning environment. 

Our mandate is to Design for Delight focusing on: 

Community, Engagement, Accessibility, Inclusivity, High Impact Practices (HIPs) (here is a link explaining HIPs)

What we can do for you: 

  • Reconstruct your syllabus for online synchronous and asynchronous learning 

  • Migrate resources from the old Moodle to the new Moodle as well as help you navigate the updated website 

  • Or build you a Moodle page from the ground up incorporating: 

    • A custom landing page 

    • Video quizzes 

    • Perusall 

    • Office Hour scheduler 

    • Ensemble Video 

    • Chat and video forums 

    • Wikis 

    • Private journals 

  • Give suggestions for content delivery 

  • Edit longer lectures into micro-lectures, which are proven to be more effective in online learning

  • Reconfigure your gradebook to reflect high-impact practices (here is a link explaining HIPs)

  • Redesign testing capabilities 

  • Help with any questions regarding our school-wide digital platforms (Microsoft Teams, Ensemble Video, Moodle, Perusall) 

[Written by Humanities OLTC group]

Our Moodle Top 10

How to record video of yourself, just your voice, your screen, or multiple at the same time, and how to edit them (e.g. adding video quizzes) and bring them to your Moodle page!


Online collaborative annotation application. Professors can upload any documents they want students to read, add annotations themselves for the students to see, and watch the students annotate and interact with each other!



Anything you could want to do with Moodle e.g. Quizzes/Exams, PowerPoints, Full lessons, Videos, Articles and more!

Ensemble Video

Microsoft Teams


How to make working groups, videocall call your whole class (or just parts of your class), split them into working groups, have an ongoing thread of communication and edit documents together and more!


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