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The case for

What was something you knew you had to keep when transitioning from in person to online teaching?

Perhaps it was your weekly quizzes, cheesy jokes, open office hours or the community you were able to foster among your students...

Let's do the transition the other way around. What can we keep from our experiments in online learning?

Auto-graded quizzes and exams? Better accessibility in our classrooms? Private 24/7 grade book? Virtual submission folders that can be graded by you or a TA from anywhere in the world? The possibilities are endless!

The Champions

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Student Champion

Cécilia Alain

I'm a fourth-year student at Bishop's with a Film honours and minors in Creative Writing and Fine Arts. I'm currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Jessica Riddell, and I'm also the co-editor this year for the 129th edition of the Mitre, our annual literary publication at BU.

When I'm not busy reading extra long and/or extra old books, I like to paint clumsy copies of Van Gogh and watch strange indie films.

For more information, check out my LinkedIn: Here

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Professor Champion

Jasmeen Sidhu


My name is Jasmeen Sidhu, and I have been privileged enough to teach at Bishop's University (BU). My experience at BU has been one of the most challenging, enriching, and rewarding experiences of my life. More importantly, I have been lucky enough to enter educational partnerships with BU students. What has amazed me about these students is their willingness to do the work. It inspires me to do the best work I possibly can as an educator. I work to enhance pedagogy through social media, allow for flexible evaluation narratives, and hopefully ignite a passion for neuroscience. As we move into the 21st century, educational methods must be modernized to reflect the demands of our changing world. As such, I aim to help educators partner with student OLTCs so that their pedagogical practices can move into a modern educational revolution. So, as the Beatles once said, do you want to start a revolution?


Jasmeen Sidhu


A neon dry-erase marker and an idea is all you need to take advantage of the LightBoard. We also have an Interview set as well as a Stand and Talk set. Book your session and try it out today!