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Meet The Team

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Program Director

Matthew Dunleavy

Matthew Dunleavy is the Program Director of the Online Learning and Technology Consultants (OLTC) Program. Matthew has been a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow in Victorian Literature and Course Director with the Department of English at York University, has worked with the Teaching Commons at the same institution, and is currently the President of the Board of Directors of Learning Essentials for Adults in Durham Region (LEADR)—a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to providing tutoring for adults in basic literacy, numeracy, and digital skills. 


After the success of the OLTC pilot program at Bishop’s University in 2020-21, Matthew is responsible for overseeing the expansion of the program across the four Maple League Universities for the 2021-22 academic year. Using the Bishop’s pilot as a template, Matthew will ensure that students and faculty at all Maple League Universities enrolled in the program have a consistent, engaging, and essential experience in their work-integrated learning (WIL) or micro-WIL experiences. As the OLTC Program Director, Matthew will create and support avenues for transformative experiences for students, faculty, and other stakeholders to be living proof of the radical potential in Canadian Universities when we embrace new models of learning and mentorship. Reporting to the Executive Director, Dr. Jessica Riddell and the VP Academics, and working alongside Project Manager, Lauren Boultbee, Matthew aims to further place the Maple League of Universities at the centre of transforming undergraduate education in Canada (and beyond), envisioning a new liberal education with students engaged as key-collaborators in their own education and university experience.

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    Project Manager

    Lauren Boultbee

    Lauren Boultbee is a 2020 graduate of Bishop's University with a BBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, with a minor in Communications and Digital Culture. After graduation Lauren was the Advancement and Communications Post-Graduate Fellow for the Maple League. Currently, Lauren is the Strategy and Advancement Lead for the Maple League, and the Project Manager for the Online Learning and Technology Consultants (OLTC) Program. 


    As the Strategy and Advancement Lead, her strong interpersonal skills, combined with her competencies in strategic and design thinking, ensure she is able to confidently steward Maple League brand and key initiatives. In this position she identifies potential funding opportunities and designs a strategic plan to execute successful partnerships. As an active member of the Maple League strategic planning team, Lauren is also responsible for supporting Maple League communications by ensuring that all plans are aligned with the Maple League focus statement and key messaging. She is a strong brand ambassador for the Maple League and supports networking initiatives with students, alumni and donors. Lauren’s role as Strategy and Advancement Lead also includes talent development with Maple League consultants, relationship management with all active committees and communities of practice within the Maple League, and the preparation of all executive review materials such as the monthly, quarterly and year-end reports, which also include regular financial reporting to ensure prioritization of programs and budget.


    In her role as OLTC Project Manager, Lauren maintains a high-level overview of the progress of the program and its potential future growth. This includes institutional planning, building governance and structures for the program and helping with the administration of hiring and job performance assessment. Lauren is also responsible for communications, grant/funding applications, as well as reporting and data analytics. Additionally, as the OLTC Project Manager she manages a detailed schedule to keep the program on track, identify early warning indicators, and provides direction for early resolution of risks, issues and a clear escalation path for program participants to ensure the program is a success that can be scaled across Canada.

      Matthew Bio
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      Program Design and Logistics Fellow

      Charlotte Gélinas-Gagné (she/her)

      I have a BSc. in Exercise Science from Concordia University and a BA. in Psychology from Bishop's University. I am currently completing my Masters in Child Studies at Concordia. I recently received a SSHRC grant for my Master's thesis which focuses on the psychosocial impact of childhood cancer on siblings.


      In my spare time I like to bake, create fancy Excel spreadsheets, road bike, and enjoy the outdoors! 

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      Program Design Fellow

      Alisha Winter (she/her)

      I have recently completed my first degree at Bishop's University, a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in French. Now I am pursuing a Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education, at Bishop's as well.

      My favourite classes so far have been Post-Colonial Literature with Shawn Malley and Linguistic Diversity with Trevor Gulliver. In my spare time I like to read, listen to music, work on my graphic design skills, bake, and care for my pet rabbits!

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      Program Design Fellow

      Sally Cunningham (she/her)

      This is my second summer working with the OLTC Program! This year, I am a Program Design Fellow and work closely with the other Fellows as we expand the program to all four Maple League schools. 

      Program: I just graduated from Bishop’s University with a degree in Honours English Literature and a minor in Film Studies.

      Favourite Class: ENG224 Jacobean Shakespeare

      Book Recommendations: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor

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      Communications Fellow

      Emma Trumble (she/her)

      I am going into my third year as a sports business and athletic development major with a communications minor. I am interested in studying the intersectionality between sport, gender, and sexuality!

      In my free time I enjoy various digital arts like graphic design, photography, and videography. I am a competitive jump roper and my favorite TV show is New Girl!

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