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Program Founders

These three founding members started the OLTC program at BU in May 2020. Their vision was for this program to grow and evolve - and to open it up to other universities who would benefit from student partnerships and inclusive co-design in the classroom and beyond. They continue to advise, guide, and steer this project in its next phase.

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Jessica Riddell

Dr. Jessica Riddell is a Full Professor of Early Modern Literature in the English Department at Bishop’s University (Quebec, Canada), specializing in early modern dramatic and non-dramatic literature. Dr. Riddell was awarded the 3M National Teaching Fellowship in 2015, the first recipient of the award at Bishop's University and the youngest recipient in the national award’s 34 year history. She holds the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence at Bishop’s University; in this capacity, she explores innovative teaching and learning practices, creates mentorship opportunities for students and faculty, and participates in a wide range of consultations at the national and international levels. Dr. Riddell is also the Executive Director of the Maple League of Universities, a consortium of four universities – Bishop’s, Mount Allison, Acadia, and St. Francis Xavier – that share a focused commitment to quality undergraduate education. She works across the four universities to support high impact practices as part of a 21st century liberal education. She engages in public-facing activities and projects, including as an active contributor to public scholarship through her work as a columnist for University Affairs Magazine, as a keynote speaker at international conferences, and sits on a number national and international boards, including the Future Skills Research Advisory Board (Social and Emotional Skills – SES), and a member of Future Skills Talent Council.
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Scott Stoddard

Scott is the Manager of IT Client Services at Bishop's University and in this role is directly responsible for the techno-pedagogical support provided to the faculty on our campus. In so-called normal times, this support would be provided via the staff and students at the ITS Helpdesk, however COVID challenges deserve COVID responses. Scott is responsible for the co-creation of the training and orientation program, the logistics of the program operation, and the techno-pedagogical standards implemented.
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Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon (He/him)

Georges-Philippe Gadoury-Sansfaçon is a 2021 graduate in Mathematics and Applied Psychology and Chancellor’s Scholar from Bishop’s University. He was awarded the 3M National Student Fellowship in 2021, in part for his work on the OLTC program. A former Stephen A. Jarislowsky Research Fellow in Undergraduate Teaching Excellence and 20-21 Vice President of Academic of the BU’s Students’ Representative Council, Georges-Philippe now studies bioethics as well as the intertwining of human and artificial intelligence in building future skills at the master’s level. Across responsibilities, he has been focused on building spaces and capacities for others to lead and innovate. He explores data-driven solutions to current and pressing issues and high impact practices in Higher Education, including experiential learning, mental health, student engagement, students as partners, pedagogical innovation, and equitable and inclusive practices. His interdisciplinary training, made possible by taking opportunity of the Liberal Education offered at Bishop’s, allows him to take a holistic and creative approach to complex problem-solving around these topics and several others, ranging from Ethics in Mathematics to Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs). 

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