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Thank you to...

Dr. Heather Smith (UNBC) was one of our core collaborators in the creation of the training and orientation program for the OLTCs.  Her contribution was vital to the launching this program.

Charlene Marion and Reena Atanasiadis (Dean, Williams School of Business) who ran with the idea of this program and did the initial planning and consultation work with ICTC to enable us to get partial funding for the students hired for this role.

Shahn Nadeau (Faculty Support Specialist, ITS) for his dedicated technology training and support for the OLTC program.

Mark Caduc (Director, ITS) who worked with Scott to shape the thinking about how this program would work.

Dr. Jeff Banks (Acadia University) and Open Acadia for the sharing of their class "Adapting Your Course for Remote Delivery" which was used during the training of the OLTCs.


The Maple League, for hosting the "Better Together" and the "Maple League Hosts" series of webinars which the OLTCs have been attending both for the content and the additional perspectives towards empathetic design.

Theresa Gagnon (Manager of Counselling and Accessibility Services) who provided a view of accessibility in online classes to the OLTC team.

Sarah Heath and Gary McCormick (BU Librarians) who provided pertinent information about copyright and creative commons licensing and resources to the team.

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