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A letter to the students...

Dear Student,

Coming back can be scary, especially with such a high level of uncertainty, it could be stressful. However, the BU community has been working tirelessly to ensure that all students have the necessary tools for success.

With that, its still important for students to prepare themselves. As such, the question arises, how can I prepare myself for what’s to come if I am unsure of what’s coming? In response, the technologies that BU will be operating on are Moodle and Microsoft teams. With our advanced digital age, we should take it upon ourselves to become familiar with these technologies. However, coming back to school is more than preparing for the technological aspect, there is a level of psychological preparedness.

With the current situation, we are all aware that our school life might not resume to what it was, and that’s okay. We have to be ready to adapt our lifestyle to ensure our personal safety and the safety of the community around us. This might require some sacrifice, whether its limiting the contact we have with our friends, or wearing masks, these essential changes are temporary.

The more we take precautions now, the sooner we can go back to the life we knew. Regardless of the situation, the BU community has never been stronger. We are all here for each other, and it is important to remember that we are all going through this together. We got this! So grab your mask and computer and be ready for an exciting semester!

Stay safe all,

-Mouna Abdallah 

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