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Faculty Mentor/Model (FMM)

Five faculty members - one assigned per working group based on division - worked with one Technical Teaching Assistant student working group (SWG) made of 4 - 5 students as part of their final capstone project for the 2 week OLTC orientation/training.

This is a scenario-based training exercise for the student working group (SWG). The FMM will simulate the experience of a faculty member who needs help for Fall 2020 with one course. ​

The FMM will provide this group (SWG) with a course outline or even just a set of ideas for a course they will teach in Fall 2020. They will work with the SWG to guide them on areas or needs they would like developed

E.g. the FMM might say “I really love interaction and discussion in my class but I am not sure how to do it in this virtual space” or “I want to try something in my foreign policy course to find annotation software and help my students do better citations in their research project” or maybe “I need to think about my learning objectives on the online platform”. 


The SWG might ask the FMM “what do you want your students to learn in this course?” and then help design from there.


The FMM will touch base regularly with the SWG as they work on supporting the course. The SWG will provide a menu of technical choices and guide the FMM about what might be the best thing to do in a particular situation: why use a forum and what is the value? How to build video quizzes, build Moodle pages, landing pages, navigation, forums, etc. The FMM will provide regular feedback or guidance as this SWG builds a series of recommendations and/or teaching resources for the FMM. 

Faculty Mentor/Model (FMM): Clients
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